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Most deck boards are treated softwood, but hardwood can be used if desired. Laid on a joist carcass with posts to support the whole. Handrails, and balustrading need installing if the edges are greater than 600mm. above the ground.

All screws, nuts, bolts and ironmongery are plated, or galvanised, and any cuts in the wood are treated. Ground can be excavated, altered, or moved to accomodate the deck. Steps, terraces, and landings can be made in decking, or other products.

Decking is a good option where a flat space is needed adjacent to a building, or where ground level is either too low, or very uneven. The downside of decking is the slipperyness of the boards in winter if left untreated, or the close proximity of deciduous trees.

Below are a few photographs showing examples of our work.

Before and After. Mannamead Plymouth
Decking Decking Decking Decking Decking
Before and After. Plympton
This particular project included decking, patio, fencing and brickwork.
Patios and Paving Patios and Paving Patios and Paving Patios and Paving Patios and Paving
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